Back from Birdwatching March 21, 2017 12:53

The wife and I are back in London, Ontario after 2 weeks of bird watching and visiting with family in Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, & Tennessee. Please check out my store and buy something today.

Birdwatching again February 24, 2017 15:09

The wife and I will be leaving March 6 for a bird watching trip to Louisiana , and to celebrate 53 years of wedded bliss. We hope to see some of the whooping crane flock that is being raised in Louisiana now, and to see some of my relatives that live in TN, Al, & FL. We will be gone for up to 2 weeks. I will do my best to ship all orders received before March 4 before we go, and orders that come in while we are away will be filled when we return.

No Canadian Postal Strike September 02, 2016 11:21

Canada Post and the Canadian union of Postal Workers have settled their labour dispute and thee will be no Canadian postal strike or lockout. Orders will be mailed from Canada and the only possible delays will be normal postal service delays

Possible Canadian Postal Strike June 25, 2016 17:30

There is a possible work stoppage looming at Canada Post. On July 2 the Union can strike and/or management can lock out Union workers. If either a strike or lockout occurs postal service in Canada will stop. I will be able to fill orders for US and overseas customers that I will mail from the USA, but there may be some delays in shipping. I try to get orders out in 24 to 48 hours, but I can not make the 120 (220 km) mile round trip to my US postal box every day. Canadian customers will have to wait patiently for the end of any labour disruption.

We are back May 15, 2016 20:39

I am back to work after an enjoyable trip to Magee Marsh in Ohio for some bird watching. We had some very good days and some so so days when the birds did not cooperate but that's part of bird watching.The highlight to me was the Northern Parula that danced through a flowering tree just a few feet from us for over 10 minutes.

I have added a lot of used Greenland to the store, including a nice set of the Thule locals from 1935. This coming week should see some Finland  mint from the 1990's added. I try to add new material daily so check back often to see what is new.

A brief bird watching vacation May 07, 2016 19:24

The wife and I will be off on a brief bird watching trip to Magee Marsh, near Post Clinton, Ohio on the shores of Lake Eire. I will not be able to fill any orders from May 9 to around May 13 or 14. The spring migration of song birds is in full swing, and we try to get out and enjoy the beautiful birds as much as we can at this time of year.

Snow in April April 10, 2016 20:45

Its mid April in London ( Ontario) and we have snow on the ground. Spring can not come fast enough. It is a good time to work with stamps - always a pleasure for me.

I am slowly getting more comfortable with the shopping cart and I am getting more stamps into it. If there is an area that you would like to see listed here please let me know. Your comments and suggestions about the store are welcomed and appreciated.

Welcome to my online store July 16, 2015 16:27

Welcome to my online store, based on technology from Shopify. It will probably be very obvious that I have a lot to learn about setting up an online store, but I do have some stamps listed for sale and will be adding stamps as quickly as I can. If there is a country that you would like to see listed here please let me know and I will get listing.

All my prices are in US funds.For Canadian customers I pay the GST/HST on their purchase. I welcome credit cards, Paypal, and North American cheques and money orders in payment, and if you are not happy with your purchase for any valid reason return the stamps for a full refund.